About us

At Inspire Early Learning Centre we strive to Inspire our youngest children to dream, learn and grow in a co-constructive, inspiring, supportive and meaningful environment.


Our centre focuses on implementing the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework. In this curriculum, we focus on the child, their relationships and using the environment of the classroom as the third teacher. Our classrooms are rich with artwork and photos of children, their families and familiar places from Saint John and New Brunswick.


Our daycare believes in inclusion and diversity. We welcome children and their families of all backgrounds and cultures, social and economic status, gender and ability. We believe ALL children should have access to enriched and nurturing childcare.


Our centre focuses on play-based learning. The New Brunswick Curriculum supports this play-based learning and has done extensive research around this type of learning approach. Children learn and grow when they are engaged and supported. The role of our educators will be to observe, document and bring to life these interests in an educational, meaningful way. By supporting children’s interests and complementing them with science, math, literacy and dramatic play, we are creating a play-based environment and children become engaged and eager to learn.


Our lunches are all  homemade  by a certified food safety staff.  We offer vegetarian options as well.

Our Team

Inspire Early Learning Centre is a new, dynamic daycare that is built upon a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience from our General Manager to our employees. Our Director, Michelle MacKenzie has over 20 years of childcare experience. Michelle is an ECE and CYW and has worked in daycare centres in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Michelle has been implementing the New Brunswick Curriculum for 10 years and has taken many professional development courses to keep up to date.

All of our educators have First Aid training, CPR level C with AED training, We also ensure all staff have completed the appropriate background checks. Educators have professional development hours each year from the department of education to complete where they are supported in learning about the curriculum and child guidance.

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